South African Vegan Society


The South African Vegan Society aims to be seen as an authority on the vegan lifestyle in South Africa while maintaining a friendly and approachable character. They approached us to do a redesign of their identity and rollout across their printed and digital materials. Our aim was to construct the corporate identity around the values of friendliness, unobtrusiveness and openness which we achieved through the use of illustrations, bright colours and open and uncluttered layouts.

More of a re-interpretation than a re-brand, the new logo highlights the similarities between the old and new societies. It maintains the V and leaf, however, the icon has been modified to express a more contemporary and elegant look. The new icon works better at small sizes and the simplified forms allow for instant recognition. The serif typeface has been replaced with a clean and simple sans serif which pairs well with the icon. The logo is kept to 2 colours, SAVS green for the icon and acronym and a mid-grey tone for the
Society’s full name. This logo holds onto recognisable vegan symbolism and effectively communicates the focus of the Society as a resource for veganism.

As a large part of the veganism is based around animal rights and recognition of animals as sentient beings, it felt natural that we include the animal kingdom as part of the visual identity. We illustrated a selection of animal characters that included an elephant, hippo, giraffe, and seahorse. Our pack was selected because these animals share positive associations across the globe such as gentle, kind, wise and strong.

Our heartfelt thanks for all that you have done for SAVS over the last two years. Your creativity, professionalism and immense patience with us have meant we have been able present SAVS to the public with confidence.

Anna Jordan, Director

To learn more about the SAVS, visit their website: